Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kindle: The Past and Future at my Fingertips

Ah the Kindle. I can only imagine the possibilities. I’m eager to play a part in learning about the new wave of e-readers and I’ve been recently doing my homework on what benefits a Kindle will have for a person like me. I just bought one last week for my daughter. She lives clear across the country and I figured this would be a smart way for her to purchase and carry her college textbook materials. I even told her it could read her text chapters to her on her daily hour long commute to and from work and school. She’s anxiously waiting for her Kindle to arrive so she can begin using it. Her being thousands of miles away, it’s tough for me to go over her work with her like I did when she was in high school. I heard that the Kindle could support shared notes. If I had one I could review with her using Skype and a shared account so we could analyze and compare notes. That way even though she’s all grown up, I could still be a part of her educational experience.
As a teacher, I see so much potential for using a Kindle to enhance my students’ classroom knowledge. Often we find a topic that intrigues us such as this week when we were studying hurricanes. We did some referencing on the computer at school as well as with the school library but we wanted to further research the topic. How amazing would it be if I could instantly go to Amazon, browse the books and presto, have the information needed right there and then to help facilitate the education of my students? The opportunity would benefit so many people who may not normally have access to instant information.
But of course, I think I would get the most pleasure using the Kindle for my own personal use. I’m a voracious reader and I bring reading material with me everywhere I go. I usually download reading material now using my iPhone app and while I make do with it, the screen is not as large as I would like it to be. Plus I’ve heard that there is less glare using the Kindle than the iPhone, so I’d have to confirm that. But a good novel, professional book, magazine, and newspaper would finally be at my fingertips without having to squint at a tiny phone screen. I don’t know about you but if you ever had to take a long road trip with my husband, you’d really appreciate having something to read as opposed to trembling with fear by having to look at the road. Apparently he missed his calling as a Nascar driver. So in essence, having a Kindle would help my marriage because I wouldn’t have to spend so much time begging him to stop driving like a madman. All kidding aside though, just to have a part in the evolution of the way we do our reading would be an honor I’d be willing to accept.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Product Sampling

I do a bit of product sampling. It has helped me make decisions on new products. Great marketing tool. Well the latest product I tried was from Purex. It's called Purex Crystals and let me tell you, I LOVE THE STUFF. I'm not just saying that because they gave me a bottle to try. It honestly works better than the average fabric softener. It has several fragrances so try the one you like the most and it will leave such a nice scent on your clothes. Enough said. Just go out and try it, ok?